Wedding Stationery

Save the date, wedding invitations, order of service — these are very special items you’ll want to make sure are absolutely right and don’t cause so much stress to the bride and groom-to-be that they call the whole thing off. We can advise you on everything from which typeface to use to which floral motif will best match the bridesmaids’ dresses.


Your choice

Besides offering a range of more formal styles of invitation and service sheet, we can also take your own ideas, no matter how whacky, and turn them into something lovely.  We can also create your own bespoke e-invitations and save you some postage.  The choice is yours!



Before you opt for an invitation that’s rhomboid, octagonal or in the shape of the goddess Athene, you might want to check how it’s going to fit into a standard size envelope and how closely the envelope will match the card your invite’s printed on.  There is a surprising range of envelopes available, just no rhomboid, octagonal or Athene-shaped ones. 




A selection of wedding stationery


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