You don’t have to be JK Rowling to get a book printed and published — at least not by us. Whether it’s a volume of verse, a biography of your gran or a history of your local area, we can not only design and print it, we can take care of everything from bookbinding to obtaining an ISBN.


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You can tell a book by its cover — or at least you should be able to tell a good deal about it. We can provide you with a range of cover designs which will catch the eye and effectively communicate the content. We can also advise you on the aesthetics and economics of size and material. The choice is yours!



While it’s true to say that the unit production cost will fall as you increase the quantity you order, having boxes of unsold books cluttering up your house or office can be quite depressing. We can offer some storage facilities but it’s probably best to keep your order on the conservative side. You can always come back for a reprint! 




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