If you’ve got enough material to fill eight or more pages, the chances are you’re going to end up with a booklet!  That is to say, it will be bound together with a couple of wire stitches and is probably the most common and economic form of conveying a reasonably large amount of printed information.


Your choice

You can have your booklets printed in any size, though A-sizes (A6/A5/A4) may prove the most economical.  You might also prefer a heavier weight stock for the cover, which will improve both the appearance of your booklet and its durability.  These can be further enhanced by gloss or matt lamination.  The choice is yours!



Once you’ve exceeded 40 or 50 pages of content, wire stitching may become a less suitable method of binding, as your booklet may develop a tendency to flop open in the middle.  At this point you might want to consider a different style of finishing, such as spiral binding or perfect binding, which gives your booklet a spine.  You might even want to start calling it a book!




A selection of booklets


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