Vote! Vote! Vote!

For some printers a general election is good news and you’ve only got to tot up the number of flyers and leaflets being stuffed through your door to understand why.

At Ludo we’ve never had to nail our colours to any particular political mast and I must say I’m quite relieved about that.


We once entered negotiations to take over a high street print shop whose main customer was the local LibDem office and they seemed to be practically giving the print away. Even I blanched at their pricing; we’ve always prided ourselves on being competitive, but not to the point of commercial suicide!


There‘s also the small matter of getting paid at all, especially if your candidate has just suffered a landslide defeat. The only time we printed some (very beautiful) Christmas cards for a government minister, no less, it took the blighter nine months to settle his bill.


All of which leads me to believe that, whatever bribes and promises scream out from the plethora of pamphlets spilling onto your doormat, they’re probably not worth the paper they‘re printed on.

Posted by Nick on April 30, 2015

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