The new Ludo website

Hooray! We have at last been able to unveil the new Ludo website and I very much hope you’ll find it even more useful than the old one. 

In particular, it’s now much more geared to helping you with the items you want to print, it’s easier to navigate and the quote form is even simpler. It’s slightly less wacky too (a matter of some regret for me, personally, particularly the loss of Morecambe and Wise) but still, I hope, distinct from the usual print websites.


What you still won’t find anywhere is a list of set print prices. This is because, unlike many online print suppliers, we offer a bespoke printing service, which means we treat every job as unique and we can offer you advice on how to achieve the best end product for the most economical price. And, often just as important, we’ll check your artwork’s OK and fix it if it isn’t — usually free of charge!


But please do give the new site a quick browse — especially since we’d really like to receive your comments and criticisms. Even if it means we end up redesigning it all over again!

Posted by admin on April 10, 2015

What’s in the Blog?

Well, not much yet, but over the coming weeks and months you can expect a wealth of really useful stuff — from money-saving tips and straightforward practical advice to thought-provoking pieces which cause you to re-evaluate your whole attitude to print and, quite possibly, life itself. There’ll also be the odd bit of irrelevant rumination which may or may not be worth two minutes of your time. You decide.