More than just a paper loss

Paper merchants haven’t always been our favourite suppliers, especially during the frenzied period of price-hiking a few years back when it seemed we had to ring them and check the price every time we wanted to order a few extra reams.

However, the recent news that Paperlinx, one of the biggest merchants in the UK, has gone belly up is sad, not only for their erstwhile employees but also for the whole of the print and paper industries. Although demand for paper has been shrinking for some years it remains the key resource for our business and the wider the range of suppliers we have the better. We’ve always made a point of not relying too heavily on a single paper merchant but, like many printers across the country, we’ve had to move rapidly to secure alternative sources for some of our regular requirements.


And paper isn‘t just paper. At Ludo we stock in the region of 400 different brands, weights, textures and colours, which is another reason why we need to draw on a healthy range of paper merchants, both general and specialist. Food for thought, perhaps, next time you order your pamphlets, posters or party invites.

Posted by Nick on April 14, 2015

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