It's a hazardous business

Posted by Nick on November 5, 2015

Keeping our own show on the road is one thing but, in common with all printers, we also rely heavily on outside suppliers to keep our customers happy, whether they’re providing specialist print services, the paper we print on or the numerous components that keep our machinery running smoothly. And that isn’t quite so easy to stay in control of.

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The joy of digital print

Posted by Nick on July 23, 2015

Of all the benefits that modern technology has given our customers in recent years, the advent of high quality digital printing is arguably the greatest.

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The joy of print

Posted by Nick on June 11, 2015

A bit like the English spring weather, part of the pleasure of being in the print business is that you never know quite what the next day will bring.

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Vote! Vote! Vote!

Posted by Nick on April 30, 2015

For some printers a general election is good news and you’ve only got to tot up the number of flyers and leaflets being stuffed through your door to understand why.

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More than just a paper loss

Posted by Nick on April 14, 2015

Paper merchants haven’t always been our favourite suppliers, especially during the frenzied period of price-hiking a few years back when it seemed we had to ring them and check the price every time we wanted to order a few extra reams.

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