Pre-war pantomime posters and card produced for the Royal family in the 50s and 70s

ABOVE LEFT  Cinderella — one of an extensive range of pre-war pantomime designs for playbills and posters printed by us. Judging by the flapper in the red dress, this design probably dates from the 1920s.


ABOVE RIGHT  On Her Majesty’s Service — during the 50s and again in the 70s we printed several Christmas cards for the royal family, including this one from circa 1955. These days our facilities extend to eliminating black sheep and throwing in extra corgis.



The Ludo Press has been in Wandsworth ever since the 1920s and derives its name from the fact that many of its early customers were West End theatre companies and owners for whom Ludo printed huge numbers of play bills, posters and programmes; theatre = play = game = Ludo — a somewhat tenuous connection, but the name stuck.


Since those days we’ve moved all of half a mile down the road towards Wimbledon

but a lot further in terms of technology, equipment and the ability to meet our customers’ ever changing needs.


However, our success is still based on the same attention to detail and the same quick responses which served us so well when Gielgud or Olivier fell ill and hours before a performance the understudy’s name had to be catapulted into print.