The River Wandle


The River Wandle flows past our back door and is teeming with life, even if it eludes our local fishermen. Kingfishers and cormorants are not uncommon sights* and, on both a local and more global level, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.


We were one of the first small-to-middling printers to achieve the ISO 14001 internationally recognised environmental accreditation. Since then we've also achieved Carbon Smart Silver certification but what exactly does this mean, you ask. It means we have an approved environmental policy embracing clearly defined objectives which are reviewed annually. These are all geared to


achieving our goal of a steady year-on-year reduction in our carbon footprint. Click here to read our Environmental Policy.


Recent objectives have included the installation of low energy LED lighting and the promotion of recycled or sustainably sourced papers to all our customers.


*If you would like to receive a list of all 65 species of birds I have to date observed from my office window (or want to know in more detail what we already to do to create an environmentally responsible workplace) please email me at